In Memory of Baron Malcolum fitz Willelm

May 22, 2016 the Shire of Sterlynge Vayle lost one of their own. Longtime Seneschal, Baron Malcolum fitz Willelm passed away due to complications from an illness. His passing has left a large hole in the shire that other officers have been doing their best to fill. He will never be able to be replaced, but we will all do our best to live up to his example of chivalry, courtesy, and honor.

The following has been reprinted with permission from the author, who posted it to the Facebook group shortly after word of Malcolum's passing.

"My shire-mates, as the sun sets and night begins to embrace our lands, it seems long shadows have held us since word first came of the passing of our Seneschal, his Excellency, Malcolm fitzWilliam. Many would remind us that grief is halved when shared, but it is a different feeling entirely when the Kingdom populace mourn the loss of a most gentle and kind soul. Some will recall his quiet grace, the unfaltering courtesy, the roguish smile, and need to help in whatever way he could. I know that his families -both mundane and Scadian - will miss the sense of humor as certainly, as we, his shire, will. His counsel in turbulent times and his muttering of an epithet in times of frustration will also be missed by all those who knew him.

Among the challenges which we will face in the coming days, we have a greater one ahead. How do we honor one we considered to be among the best of us? Like any situation he would have faced, a moment of contemplation would probably have been his approach. Lend an arm to support each other in our time of grief, and remember we must each feel this loss in our own way.

On his final officer's report, Malcolm was asked to name something good about the Vayle. His answer "We're survivors". How fitting that before taking his final journey he left us a road map. Yes, we are poorer for his loss, but in his heart he knew that no matter how much it may rain, Sterlynge Vayle will swim, when we are tired we will tread water, and when all else fails we will dragon paddle. Storms pass, tears may fall, but we are survivors. Malcolm said so."

Words by Deborah Gorton, used with permission.